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The first thing you should do is check out his funny fiction, The Urban Legion Trilogy:



Now, read the whole trilogy in one collection, it’s like getting one book free!

Step through a high-tech Looking Glass into a spy spoof where heroes wear tin foil hats and alligators stalk the sewers. This eye-opening adventure pits urban legend survivors against the conspiracy behind everything from chemtrails to bananas.

Packed with action and irreverent humor, The Urban Legion Trilogy is perfect for fans of Christopher Moore, Dave Barry, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, and Douglas Adams. Not to mention Elvis, D.B. Cooper, and Bigfoot.






The Urban Legion (Book 1):

“Hilarious and very entertaining…a great ride on the mental merry-go-round” — Ben Franklin Awards

A legendary comedy.

As organic food critic Lynn Grady savors the duck pâté, a phantom voice invades her head. A stranger appears, blocks the voice with an improvised tin-foil hat, and claims to be an urban legend survivor. Lynn doubts his story. But a surprise attack by armed French waiters plunges her into the Urban Legion’s underground war with a pervasive consumer products conspiracy. As she fights to save her teen daughter from corrupt golfers, taser-packing car salesmen, and her sold-out grunge-star ex-husband, Lynn discovers the sinister purpose behind everyday annoyances.

The Urban Legion puts a new spin on conspiracies and urban legends.

Food courts and airport restrooms will never be the same.

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AUDIOBOOK NOW AVAILABLE — Narrated by Brad Holbrook, of The Onion’s Today Now talk show spoof


Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion (Book 2):

“Wait–did you just debunk mimes?! — Peggy McFarland, author, The Red Door and other short stories

Cowgirls. Bikinis. Murderous media conspiracy. What could go wrong?

Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion, book 2 of the Urban Legion trilogy, is now available for e-book pre-order on Amazon, to be delivered on October 28th, 2020. To encourage a big launch, the book is priced at only 99 cents for pre-order and will return to the regular price of $2.99 on November 1st. So order your (almost) free copy now! (It’ll be completely free for Amazon Prime members on the 28th. The paperback version will also be available for purchase on the 28th.)

After Meg Brecker’s scuba-diving boyfriend is scooped up by a firefighting plane, she returns incognito to investigate the crime scene. Spear-gun-wielding dolphins attack; Meg escapes and collapses on a Galveston beach. So much for going incognito—she wakes up surrounded by the cast of the Next Bikini Cowgirl reality show, which launches her and the cowgirls into the viral stratosphere. Meg links the show to her boyfriend’s demise and joins as a contestant to find the motive. As she pits her cowgirl skills against talented rivals, can she avoid her own demise and uncover the nefarious Bikini Cowgirl plot before it reaches its must-see-TV climax?

Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion envisions hilarious conspiracies behind the news, entertainment media, and not-so-legendary urban legends. You’ll even learn the fragile truth about mimes.

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Ancient Mysteries of the Urban Legion (Book 3):

“…compelling and funny. The ending was astonishing…” — Alma Boucher, Readers Favorite

The apocalypse is not a prophecy—it’s a plot.

Ancient Mysteries of the Urban Legion, book 3 of the Urban Legion trilogy, is now available on Amazon.

From drugged pelicans attacking a Gulf Coast rock concert to a spider-spewing cactus clearing out the Cambridge Public Library, global turmoil has taken an ominous turn. Even old-world Catholics at Chicago’s Saint Kielbasa Parish are packing heat. As Roger Landowski and the Urban Legion race to stop the unrest before the wielding of an ancient artifact can trigger Armageddon, they discover the real leaders of the Corporation and the hilariously horrifying extent of their insidious organization.

This final book of the Urban Legion trilogy reveals the appalling purpose of chemtrails, bananas, and 5G as it reinterprets history from the fall of Rome to the invention of chiropractic.

If you like Men in Black, Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Buckley, Kurt Vonnegut, Dave Barry, or Douglas Adams, don your tin-foil hat and discover the secret, zany world of the Urban Legion.

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