Welcome to Men in Black for tin-foil hats. In this satirical romp, urban legend survivors draft a granola mom into their high-tech underground war against every conspiracy you can think of—and many you haven’t. Ever wonder who’s behind traffic jams or sharp plastic packaging? How about the video cameras in automatic flush sensors?

Featuring a sold-out grunge-star ex-husband, corrupt golfers, armed French waiters, and taser-packing car salesmen, The Urban Legion puts conspiracies and urban legends in a funny, plausibly absurd new light. Food courts and airport restrooms will never be the same.

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This book tells you how to find out what’s wrong with stuff, quick. It’s a fast, fun read that will help anyone debug anything faster. If you’re a newbie, it’ll give you benefit of years of experience. If you’re a seasoned pro, it’ll give you a few new insights, a great way to train the less experienced members of your team, and a bunch of amusing war stories.

Buy the book now on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!


James Holmes (co-author of Windows Power Tools): “This book’s only 175 or so pages long and is well-worth adding to your library. Actually, substitute “a critical addition” for “well worth adding”.”
Dr. Howard Johnson (author of High-Speed Digital Design): “Articulates nine timeless and indespensable principles … a good read for even the most experienced engineers.”
Charles Petzold (author of Programming Windows): “Finally, a book that makes you feel like a smart debugger rather than just a confused one.”
EDN Magazine: “…lays out sensible strategies and tactics, clearly based on years of experience and reflection.”
Dr. Dobbs Journal: “…entertaining… …eminently practical… … I expect I’ll lend this book out frequently.”
IEEE Software: “Hooray for “Debugging”… …funny… …entertaining… …easy to relate to… …This book should be required reading for all technology college students.”
David Wheeler on www.slashdot.com: “It’s not often you find a classic, but I think I’ve found a new classic for software and computer hardware developers… This is a book I expect to find useful many, many, years from now… fun to read… lots of good points… Get this book.”
John Regehr, Associate Professor of Computer Science University of Utah: “Agans’ book is The Prince or The Art of War for debugging…”