ul-promo-coverv2This is humorist Dave Agans’ author website.

The first thing you should do is check out his novel, The Urban Legion:

“Hilarious and very entertaining…a great ride on the mental merry-go-round” — Ben Franklin Awards

What if the Conspiracy concealed its crimes by calling them urban legends?

As organic food critic Lynn Grady savors the duck pâté, a phantom voice invades her head. A stranger appears, blocks the voice with an improvised tin-foil hat, and claims to be an urban legend survivor. Lynn doubts his story. But a surprise attack by armed French waiters plunges her into the Urban Legion’s underground war with a pervasive consumer products conspiracy. As she fights to save her teen daughter from corrupt golfers, taser-packing car salesmen, and her sold-out grunge-star ex-husband, Lynn discovers the sinister purpose behind everyday annoyances.

The Urban Legion puts a new spin on conspiracies and urban legends.

Food courts and airport restrooms will never be the same.

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